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" Liquidación " 
de Jumpers Usados
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Dia:      Domingo, Octubre 12, 2014
Hora:    8:00 a.m.  hasta  5:00 p.m  
"We have your rental need to plan your event"

"Tenemos todo lo necesario para su evento"
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Rent, Sell, Repair all Jumpers and Waterslides...

Renta, Venta Y Reparacion de Brincolines y Resbaladillas...

rental, renta, party, supply, suply, jumper, birthday,

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If your idea of party planning is to hang up some streamers, put out a bowl of chips and call it a day, then it’s time to let some pros take the lead. Our professional party planners can make your next event something worth remembering. From children’s birthdays to corporate events, we can make sure your next party is a smashing success. We have years of experience tackling the most special of events, and we’ll ensure that yours is totally unforgettable. Let us do the worrying for you. 

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